Intrepid Canadian Adventurer, Artist, Musician, Anachronist and Treasure Hunter H.L. Goyer

Minimalism. Symbolism. Absurdity. Comics. Contradictions. Illustration. Photography. Abstract Expressionism. Post-Dada. Post Post-Modern. Comedy.

I often make music as: The Fox in the Flowers
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Six of my paintings will be in this group show in Portland, Oregon at the gigantic gallery. Go see that show, and buy my paintings.

Thanks to Shannon Larson for the opportunity to be in the show, truly her eye for good art must be top tier if she selected the likes of me! Right? Right!? Guys? Where… where did everybody go?

Anyhow, since no one pays attention unless there are lots of pretty things all over the place, here is one of those paintings again.

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  2. amchphotography said: I hope you sell them all, my fiend! You nkow that if I were in the area I’d totally go to the exhibition :] Are those the Carleton sisters there on the poster? :O
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    Awesome! I’ll definitely check it!
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    HEY PORTLANDERS! PORTLANDITES? PORTLANDIANS? Anyway, go, you have plenty of time! And if anybody else is going to be in...
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