Intrepid Canadian Adventurer, Artist, Musician, Anachronist and Treasure Hunter H.L. Goyer

Minimalism. Symbolism. Absurdity. Comics. Contradictions. Illustration. Photography. Abstract Expressionism. Post-Dada. Post Post-Modern. Comedy.

I often make music as: The Fox in the Flowers
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Chapter Cover: Banquet Hall by H.L. Goyer


This is a sample from my forthcoming digital art book Kingdom Square. It is the chapter cover for the chapter “Banquet Hall”.

The book will be a collection of my knowledge and experience with colour theory in an abstract expressionist format. I’ve provided myself with an extremely limited set of tools within the digital environment, and my goal is to illustrate the kingdom and all of its going ons with nothing but this same set of tools and the aforementioned knowledge.

To do this I will attempt to elicit very specific thoughts and feelings that will match the “place” as imagined by the viewer.

The Banquet Hall is a place of celebration and coming together of people to dine and make merry, retreat from the cold bite of winter and fill their bellies.

It’s the kind of thing that many people will hate, I can hear them now…. “Just a bunch of colourful squares, my dog could make this” etc.

So, if that’s the kind of book you like to have on your bookshelf, stay tuned in the coming months as I work on it and share glimpses along the way.

I will probably not actually be selling it, but you’ll still get to see some of it, so, you can dream the impossible dream.

I should also mention, following this alienating abstract project I will be commencing work on a new project specifically aimed at people who hate abstract art. I will talk in depth to many people who do, and try my best to bridge that gap.

So many people might think either it tries too hard to be overtly complicated, or is so simple it can’t be worth enjoying… really though it is both! The work that goes into it is complicated, but the outcome is always best when it is simple enough to be enjoyed for what it is.

I guess I am making it my part-time goal to convert as many people as possible to the world of abstract art appreciation.

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