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I often make music as: The Fox in the Flowers
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Pendant of the Sparrow, in process by H.L. Goyer



I am working on a stone pendant, and this is the start of it. 100% hand crafted, though I am using Hole Saw bits made to fit on a power drill, I am still using them by hand without a drill.

I no longer have a power drill, so my hands and arms are my new drill. Not that I would use a power drill on stone anyhow, as that would get ridiculously hot and be incredibly dusty. Doing it slowly by hand is still dusty but I actually want that you see…

Pipestone is not only an excellent stone to use in sculpture but is also a natural pigment. Native North Americans traditionally used both the stone for sculpture and the dust for pigment in their own paints.

I am doing the exact same thing now, despite that it would have taken me 1 minute with power tools which so far has taken an hour and a half. Just slowly grinding away… not using power tools however is key to being able to harvest as much stone dust as possible. If I was not so cramped for space I dare say I would not have lost a single grain, including all the paste-like substance you see in the first couple shots.

The final shot is a very rough and very loose depiction (photoshop) of what it will look like when all the pieces are cut out. It will also feature a different stone in the center, possibly a gemstone if I can procure one naturally. Molted feathers will tie it all together once the pieces are smoothly shaped and polished.

The darker background in the shot is the exact same stone, just wet. This will be closer to the finished colour once polished.

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